About Us.

The Story

Welcome to Maven! This is Morgan Hipworth's newest adventure in the world of food, and it's quickly becoming a must-visit restaurant in Melbourne. At just 23 years old, Morgan's already a big name in food, known for mixing up the dining scene with his unique take on flavors and high-quality dishes. You might already know him from Bistro Morgan, but Maven is where he's really pushing the boundaries.

Maven isn't just any restaurant. It's the heart of Morgan's food journey, filled with passion and a constant chase for the perfect meal. He's taken everything he's learned, from mastering French pastries to wowing people at Bistro Morgan, and poured it into Maven. Here, every dish tells a story, blending tastes, textures, and smells into something you won't forget.

Right in Melbourne's bustling centre, Maven stands out as a place where innovation and a drive for the best come to life. It's homely and welcoming, making each visit a chance to find something new and exciting. Morgan's menu is all about top-quality ingredients, creative dishes, and that special touch of elegance he's known for, making every meal memorable.

But Maven is more than its menu. Morgan wants it to be a space where you can feel the love and hard work that goes into every meal. It's about bringing people together, sparking joy, and creating memories that last.

Come join us at Maven for a culinary journey where every plate celebrates Morgan's passion for food.

Meet the team

morgan hipworth
Founder & C0-Head Chef

Morgan Hipworth, our pioneering Co-Head Chef at Maven, blends innovation with a passion for culinary excellence. Known for his creative flair and commitment to quality, Morgan has made a mark with dishes that combine classic techniques and modern twists. At the heart of his philosophy is a dedication to using the finest local and seasonal ingredients, ensuring every meal is not just delicious but a celebration of sustainability and flavor. Experience the culinary artistry Morgan brings to Maven, where every dish tells a story of passion and innovation.

daniel neytha
Co-Head Chef

Daniel Neytha, our Co-Head Chef at Maven, combines his rich Colombian heritage with a diverse culinary background, drawing on South American and European flavors. With global experience, notably as Senior Sous Chef at Lona Misa, Daniel crafts a menu centered around fresh, simple, and elevated dishes. His commitment to local, seasonal produce ensures each meal not only tastes exquisite but also supports sustainability. Expect a dining experience that marries tradition with innovation, offering flavors that surprise and delight.